Taking care of Communities
Taking care of Communities

Our Programs at BWF



Through our programs we promote and enhance the capacity of communities to start regenerative process either in the social or the environmental side or both of them!


BWF programs fall into one of these 3 categories:



We promote and enhance the knowledge and development of skills of individuals, families, organizations and communities through educational activities and toolkits for:

  - Self recognition and self development

  - Family integration and community cohesion

  - Development and change management for healthy communities



Through our programs we enhance and contribute to the health of both individuals and communities through the promotion, care and prevention of physical and emotional health and wellbeing projects, by supporting initiatives and programs that integrate treatments, shelters, personal assitance, ocupational therapies, amoung others.



We contribute to the development of the communities in social or environmental risk being healthier and constantly developing, by promoting socio-envionmental or poductive projects, so that communities can: 

  - Understand and organize community life based on a Systemic thinking

  - Co design and co evolutionate towards sustainability and holistc wealth

  - Create and develop productive and cultural projects based on sustainable and healthy           models.



We´ll soon have all programs running currently

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Special News on our Programs comming soon. If any questions, please contact us.

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