Taking care of Communities
Taking care of Communities

Our Team


We mean for BWF Team to be as family.


Most of our team are volunteers that have become part of us because they believe in a better world, and that giving is a generous way of improving it for our children, families and communities.


Sef-recognition & Self- Development programs (Human development):

Guillermo López


Enriching the disability community programs:

Jennifer Mcphail


Socio-environmental development programs:

Sidney Cano


     Thanks to our Board Members, all Team leaders, supporters and funders!!!


We are incredibly grateful to have so many wonderful people in Be Wise family!

The great thing about these people is that we can always rely on them. Whether to share comunity concerns with them, work on communities to enhance their potential or simply have a good time, they will always be there for us!




We´ll soon have a pictures of us!

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Special News Comming up!!

Special News on our Programs comming soon. If any questions, please contact us.

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